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21239945Vera White

New Worshiping Communities: A Theological Exploration

2024epub6/21/2024 7:20:53 AMmaveriks
21239788A. Boyd Luter

The Epistle of James within Judaism: The Earliest First-Century Window into Messianic Jewish Belief and Practice

2024epub6/21/2024 7:11:03 AMmaveriks
212397211Vernell Klassen Miller

Meditations for Adoptive Parents (Herald Press Meditations Series)

2024epub6/21/2024 7:07:22 AMmaveriks
212396810Kevin Hart

Contemplation: The Movements of the Soul (No Limits)

2024pdf6/21/2024 7:04:58 AMmaveriks
21239466Andrew S. Jacobs

The Life of Thecla: Apocryphal Expansion in Late Antiquity (Westar Tools and Translations)

2024epub6/21/2024 6:52:22 AMmaveriks
21239435Eleonore Stump

Biblical Narratives and Human Flourishing (Routledge Studies in Analytic and Systematic Theology)

2024epub6/21/2024 6:50:32 AMmaveriks
21239146Andrew T. Walker

Faithful Reason: Natural Law Ethics for God s Glory and Our Good

2024epub6/21/2024 6:32:49 AMmaveriks
21238894Mario Anthony Russo

Evolutionary History in Theological Perspective: Exploring the Scientific Story of the Cosmos

2024rar6/21/2024 3:08:14 AMtopron
21238792Roger Haight S.J.

Finding God in a World Come of Age: Karl Rahner and Johann Baptist Metz (Past Light on Present Life: Theology, Ethics, and Spirituality)

2024rar6/21/2024 2:56:48 AMtopron
212378916Brikha Nasoraia

The Mandaean Rivers Scroll (Diwan Nahrawatha): An Analysis (Gnostica)

2024pdf6/20/2024 6:15:47 AMalex21s
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