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212384812Marko Hapke

Metallocenes in Regio- and Stereoselective Synthesis (Topics in Organometallic Chemistry, 74)

2024pdf6/20/2024 3:49:51 PMgestalt
212348764Luis Arnaut

Chemical Kinetics: From Molecular Structure to Chemical Reactivity, 2nd Edition

2021pdf6/18/2024 6:04:34 AMeternal
1976770379Roy Richard Sawyer

Chemistry for Students and Parents: Key chemistry concepts, problems and solutions

2021pdf6/18/2024 5:59:43 AMtopron
1976732423Maria Emilova Velinova

The The State of Art of Nuclear Chemistry: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

2021pdf6/18/2024 5:58:29 AMtopron
212348639Surya K. De

Applied Organic Chemistry: Reaction Mechanisms and Experimental Procedures in Medicinal Chemistry

2021pdf6/18/2024 5:48:30 AMeternal
212348542Philippa B. Cranwell

Experimental Organic Chemistry, Ed 3

2017pdf6/18/2024 5:42:58 AMeternal
1976778397DN Singh

Basic Concepts of Inorganic Chemistry Ed 2

2021pdf6/18/2024 5:37:19 AMtopron
212345784Gwenola Burgot, Jean-Louis Burgot

General Analytical Chemistry: Separation and Spectral Methods

2023pdf6/17/2024 11:25:17 PMrubybook
212345687Jean-Louis Burgot

General Analytical Chemistry: Electrochemical Analysis Methods

2024pdf6/17/2024 11:21:57 PMrubybook
212345493Vassilis Kontogiorgos

Introduction to Food Chemistry Ed 2

2024pdf6/17/2024 10:00:46 PMalex21s
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